One shot. Two shots. Three shots. Dance. This is pretty much the way that all of your Dreamforce nights will start out (especially if you’re going to the most unmissable Dreamforce parties) so you better get yourself prepared for some pretty late ones.

We’re all about the work hard, play harder concept as long as you can be up at the crack of dawn the next day. Here are the 7 best ways to revitalize after a long and very eventful night on the San Francisco town:

Eat those Superfoods

Everyone has heard the term ‘superfood’ thrown around recently but next to no one knows what any of them are. Big mistake. When you’ve had a Thursday night on the tequila and a bedtime steering more towards 8am than 8pm, you’re in need of these superfoods.

Get yourself some dried apricots, avocado or salmon. All three of these revitalize your system ‘the morning after the night before’.

Spa Sessions

Indulging yourself in a spa session is definitely allowed if you were out all night networking your way around the bar. Hit the sauna and sweat out all the memories of a night getting down to the likes of Bieber and Fifth Harmony; it supposedly has similar metabolic reactions as exercise.

Take a Trip Along the Golden Gate Bridge

People underestimate the power of some good, old-fashioned fresh air. Get up early, put on some comfortable shoes and head on over to the Golden Gate Bridge for a hefty 3 mile walk. It will get your juices flowing for the day ahead and set off those all important endorphins that are proven to trigger positivity.

Exercise with Fellow Dreamforce Goers

There’s so much going on at Dreamforce that you almost forget that it starts from crazy o’clock in the morning (and goes on until crazy o’clock in the morning). If you want to feel super fresh for the day, get yourself involved in the 5k run on the 4th October. Nothing tells your body to wake up more than a 3-mile surge to the finish line!

Use Sooth App

Imagine having a masseuse on tap so you can wake up, order a 30-minute massage and get a qualified professional over to you within the hour. You no longer need to imagine. Forget Googling, simply go on to Sooth app and have any treatment you need at the ready.

Get Back Out There

The hair of the dog doesn’t necessarily mean going back to a cocktail fest – it can mean getting on with your day and working to your usual rockstar level. Head on down to the breakfast networking event and discuss your products/service over a croissant or two. As soon you spot a prospect, we’re certain you’ll be feeling wide awake.

Take in San Francisco

Dreamforce is undoubtedly an all-consuming event so take yourself away from it and award some time to exploring everything that San Francisco has to offer. It will take the stresses away of having to be on your A game when you’re feeling like you could do with an extra 12 hours in bed.

Dreamforce is known for it’s go, go, go attitude, but it’s important that you remember to look after yourself. You never know, a prospect might just be up for a meeting over a session in the gym or a trip along the the beautiful landscape of San Francisco. It’s Dreamforce – anything can happen!

Katrina Holmes

Hey, I'm the Content Manager at Ebsta responsible for creating and maintaining our web content, blogs and our hip 'n' happening social media presence.

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