Ebsta announces the release of its new Email Intelligence Portal, now with tools to enable GDPR compliance


SAN FRANCISCO, November 3, 2017 –

With new globally impacting data protection legislation imminently coming into force, Ebsta has been working with their clients to ensure that sensitive front office data is maintained and centrally managed in Salesforce whilst mitigating the risks of non compliance.

Salesforce users have more choices than ever before and utilize a growing number of apps powered by Salesforce. For teams to work efficiently and the applications to be effective whilst being compliant, the data they rely on must be in their Salesforce org and up-to-date.

Ebsta helps organizations consolidate their disparate sources of customer data and automatically identifies new and updated contact and lead information, helping users identify new opportunities.

With all business contacts up-to-date and under central management in Salesforce, the Ebsta data management tools allow for simplified compliance management. With features such as a real time compliance health check, data grouping, retention alarms, and automated minimization actions, customers can be assured that users have access to up-to-date records that they are allowed to use.

Comments on the News

“Companies are demanding practical solutions to address the requirements they face with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We have worked with our customers and legal advisors to extend our email intelligence platform to ensure that high risk data in customer email systems can be managed and easily minimized to ensure a compliant business as usual come May 26th.” Guy Rubin, CEO of Ebsta.


Ebsta announces its Bronze Sponsorship at Dreamforce 2017

Ebsta is a bronze sponsor at Dreamforce 2017, the most inspiring technology event of the year and the world’s largest gathering of Trailblazers. Ebsta is exhibiting at booth 1840 in the Dreamforce Customer Success Expo, showcasing its latest developments and handing out Ebsta fidget spinners. Companies can find out more @EbstaHQ.


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Ebsta – Less Work, Better Data.

Ebsta provides Salesforce users with customer insights and accurate data to maximize adoption, increase team efficiency and closed business whilst getting the front office GDPR ready.