So Dreamforce is over. You’re back in the office. All the excitement has been left in San Francisco, right? Wrong. Dreamforce doesn’t simply last 3 days and then you wash your hands with it. If you’ve implemented the 6 most successful ways to learn at Dreamforce, you should have knowledge raring to go.

Here are the top 7 things you should be doing when you’ve stopped the heart-breaking tears of leaving Dreamforce behind and finally gone back to the office:

Connect with Fellow Dreamforcers

Connecting on LinkedIn is an absolute given – as a professional networker, you should be looking to build your community of contacts at every opportunity.

As soon as you meet someone at Dreamforce, make a note of their name so that when you get back, you can refer to the list and add them all on LinkedIn. Be sure to send a personalised message along with your connection request so they know a) who you are and b) why you’re contacting them. It will inevitably be the start of a long and successful working relationship.

Reach Out to Them Via Email

Don’t be afraid to connect with them on LinkedIn and reach out to them with an email. But before you do, decide on the type of email campaign you’re going to create so you can engage with everyone you met instead of using up all of your time sending emails one by one.

Remember to always make your emails personal – if you met Tony from Smiths and Sons whilst watching U2 rock the big stage, mention that in the email. Just because you’re back in a full-on working environment, it doesn’t mean you should be generic.

Arrange a Time to Talk

Sending a ‘nice to meet you’ message is all good and well but there needs to be a call to action. What do you want to do with your working relationship from here? What is the next stage? Arranging a phone call is usually the next step so see if you can put a time in the calendar. Bear in mind that if you leave it too long, they will either forget, lose interest or ignore you all together.

Collate All Your Ideas from Dreamforce

There’s no doubt in our minds that you have brought back suitcases worth of rich information that you can use to better your current process or begin new, powerful ones. When we digest information, ideas naturally follow so be sure to keep a note of all your EUREKA moments so you can collate them all for your team.

Write a Dreamforce Review Blog

The conversation continues far beyond Dreamforce so get engaged and write a review of your experiences. You will spark up new questions, ideas and contacts that will stay with you throughout the post-Dreamforce adventure. Be sure to add visuals of your time i.e. embed some great Tweets you sent out or a GIF that you made. Remember that content that includes media is far more shareable than content without.

Share Your Findings with Your Team

As the lucky one from your team that got to go to the event of the year, ensure you share your findings with everyone. Heard something inspiring about how you can better track Marketing campaigns? Let Marketing know! Found out about a new way to manage the Sales pipeline? Break it down for your Sales team. You can get more out of Dreamforce when you get back if your share your findings far and wide.

Get Involved in the Post-Dreamforce Conversation

People use the word ‘unforgettable’ for almost every event that they go to but Dreamforce really is. People will be talking about it for weeks after so get yourself involved – have your say. The best place to do this is the Salesforce Success Community which will be swarming with tips and tricks that they learnt during the event. On-going success is definitely going to have your name on it.

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