How to Become an Expert on GDPR at Dreamforce

We all know Dreamforce is a great time to discover products and services within the Salesforce ecosystem, network with trailblazers from across the world, and enjoy yourself at epic parties, but it is also a great time to educate yourself on big picture items such as legislation that will affect your business. If you have [Read more]


    The 7 Emotions You’ll Feel While Planning your Dreamforce Agenda

    Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster because that’s exactly what you’ll experience while planning your Dreamforce agenda this year. You can expect to feel any of all of the following while scheduling meetings, registering for sessions, and planning your party route for the week:   H(appy) Once you’ve gotten the green light to attend Dreamforce, [Read more]


    4 Must See Places at Dreamforce 2017

    Much like any holiday you go on, having an essentials checklist is imperative and even more so when it comes to Dreamforce. This is the list of the 4 must see places at Dreamforce 2017. Salesforce users and Trailblazers, excited? 1) AppExchange Den The AppExchange consists of over 3,000 apps and components that extend the power [Read more]


    4 Ways to Get the Most out of Dreamforce

    Whether you are attending Dreamforce 17 in person or participating from across the world, there are numerous opportunities to engage and connect with the Salesforce Ohana. To help you get the most out of Dreamforce, we’ve compiled a list of the top resources we’ve seen so far: Just Follow the Blue Cloudy #RoadtoDF17 The road [Read more]


    The Ultimate Dreamforce Checklist

    Much like any holiday you go on, having an essentials checklist is imperative and even more so when it comes to Dreamforce. This is the list of must-haves that you simply cannot survive without: Hand Sanitizer You will be shaking everyone’s hand so hand sanitizer is an absolute no brainer. Comfortable Shoes Most people believe [Read more]


    10 Ways to Get into Dreamforce for Free

    Getting a ticket to Dreamforce is no mean feat. We, too, have been there, weeping over the Dreamforce schedule and wishing it was us. But fear not fellow Dreamforcers, here’s a definitive list of the best ways to get into the event of the year without begging your boss for a ticket. Befriend Marc Benioff [Read more]


    The Most Unmissable Dreamforce Parties

    According to Salesforce, 61% of Dreamforce Veterans suggest you RSVP to the parties you most want to attend. Match that with the 0% that said you should leave early – you start to gain an understanding of exactly how much you’ll be getting down at Dreamforce parties. Partner Parties Date: Varied Unlike other Dreamforce parties, [Read more]


    The Dreamforce Sessions You Can’t Afford to Miss

    Dreamforce sessions are known for their expansive breadth of versatility and this year is no different. Whichever department you’re in, you will have a schedule combusting with options to help you better your workflow. Here are just some of the sessions that you should start getting excited about: Dreamforce Sessions for Marketing – B2B Marketing [Read more]


    The Ultimate Places to Drink Coffee at Dreamforce

    Wherever you are in the world, we understand that you will always have one need – a good cup of coffee. That’s why we’ve put together the very best places to settle down with the good stuff after you’ve implemented the 6 most successful ways to learn at Dreamforce: The Definitive Dreamforce Coffee List Place: [Read more]


    The 10 Best Tourist Attractions at Dreamforce

    One of the best things about Dreamforce is its location. Centred in the heart of one of America’s most-loved cities – San Francisco, it manages to effortlessly capture the magic of the classic ‘concrete jungle’ with ease. The Full Dreamforce Experience Every year, thousands of tourists flock to the San Fran sun in the hope [Read more]

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