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Artificial intelligence desk
19th February 2019 | Sales and Marketing

The Next Great Divide in Sales Won’t be Human

Over 60% of the world’s leading CEOs believe that the use of artificial intelligence will have a bigger impact on…

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Prospect card purchase
13th February 2019 | Sales and Marketing

Your b2b Sales Prospects Don’t Exist Anymore

The conversations we’re having around converting prospects into customers has to change. If businesses are buying differently, then selling to…

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12th February 2019 | Sales and Marketing

Bandersnatch and the Future of Customised Sales

When Zuckerberg was pulled in front of Congress to answer how he could run a free service and still make…

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6th February 2019 | Salesforce Related

6 Reasons Why Your Salesforce Deployment Is Going To Fail

It’s the big day… It’s time to “Go Live”. Millions of dollars, hours and a whole lot of respect is…

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31st January 2019 | Sales and Marketing

Why Spotify, Netflix and Amazon Will Change the Future of b2b Sales

Our relationship with Spotify and Netflix has become so personalised that we’ve come to expect the same from our experiences…

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productivity tools that work
4th December 2018 | Sales and Marketing

The 5 Sales Engagement Tools That You’re Probably Not Using

Research from Challengerinc says that 57% of the a customers’ purchase decision is made before they even talks to a…

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customer retention strategy
14th November 2018 | Sales and Marketing

How to Develop a Customer Retention Strategy that Works

‘The customer is always right’ was popularised by Selfridges Founder, Harry Gordon Selfridge in 1909, but does it still hold…

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31st October 2018 | Sales and Marketing

Could Freemium be the Death of Your SaaS Brand?

It’s almost two decades since Vistaprint packaged a reduced service for free as a smart way to make money. Sixteen…

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20th October 2018 | Sales and Marketing

4 Leadership Tactics to Improve Sales Performance

What is the biggest challenge as a Sales leader? Getting your sales team to improve their performance? Getting them to…

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