Getting a ticket to Dreamforce is no mean feat. We, too, have been there, weeping over the Dreamforce schedule and wishing it was us. But fear not fellow Dreamforcers, here’s a definitive list of the best ways to get into the event of the year without begging your boss for a ticket.

  1. Befriend Marc Benioff

Everyone knows that Benioff holds the key to Dreamforce. After all, he is the Founder of Salesforce and much-adored Godfather of CRM. So the best way to get into the event of the year? Buy the guy a beer, give him a shoulder to cry on and be his taxi service like any best friend would. Dreamforce entry guaranteed.

  1. Become a Dreamforce Security Guard

We all know that there’s no getting past a security guard without a ticket so as the old cliché goes – if you can’t beat them, join them. Get yourself one of the best jobs in the business and have free reign over the entire Dreamforce event. That’s what we call winning.

  1. Parachute in

Initially, this may seem a little extreme but when you hear the likes of U2 are performing on the big stage, you know it’s worth it. Get yourself in the air all parachuted up and jump right into the mix of it all, no questions asked. You’ll go viral.

  1. Become a Dreamforce Speaker

Probably the most logical out of all of the options, you can become a speaker. If you’re the Arianna Huffington of your industry, get yourself up on that stage and get the (Dreamforce) world talking. Even if you’re not Huffington, you’ll still be there without the thousand-dollar price tag.

  1. Get a Sassy Outfit Custom-Made

The official Dreamforce mascot, Sassy, is by far the coolest cat around so if you really want to get away with it, simply get a Sassy costume and head on in. Dreamforcers from across the globe will bow down to your almighty presence and undoubtedly call you their new best friend!

  1. Be a Celebrity Double

Let’s face it, if someone believes that you’re Bono, you’re more than likely sailing on through to the VIP area of Dreamforce. Don’t believe us? It’s been tried and tested. Fake Bono has been attending year on year and admittedly, we have had our photo taken with him thinking he was the real deal. #Awks.

  1. Float in on ‘the Cloud’

This may be a little more difficult because clouds are pretty hard to come by on the black market but we’re sure in the innovative world in which we live, you can find a way. Just make sure it’s a gracious entrance, no one wants you to rain on their parade.

  1. Go all Mi5

How many times have you watched James Bond and thought “I could do that?” Too many to count right? Well this is your chance to get your Inspector Gadget on and commit yourself to impossible stunts all the way through the entrance. Did someone say 007?

  1. Bribery

There’s a reason why Krispy Kreme’s are one of the highest selling products in America – because they work as a perfect bribery tool. The glazed doughnut is far too precious to pass up so grab a dozen of those and work your magic. Who would say no?

  1. Nab a Free Dreamforce Ticket in a Competition

If you’re not up for a parachute, Sassy dress-up or long-lasting friendship with Marc Benioff, this might be more up your street. There are loads of competitions that you can enter to win a free Dreamforce ticket although some of them ask you to do crazy things. Far crazier than anything we’ve suggested here, we promise.

If you manage to nab a free ticket, be sure to go through our ultimate Dreamforce checklist before heading out to the San Francisco sun.

Katrina Holmes

Hey, I'm the Content Manager at Ebsta responsible for creating and maintaining our web content, blogs and our hip 'n' happening social media presence.

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